Hydraulic Based Equipments

       Hydraulic based equipments are based on the latest Hydraulic principle.These equipments do not rely upon gravity, i.e. a person accomplishes/achieves twice as much positive workout within the same amount of time as compared to Weight based equipments. In other words it cuts down the workout time by half as compared to the weight based equipments.

       Machines based on Hydraulic principle are 100% safe and can be used by any age group (from 5years 85 years) by both male and female, as it adjusts automatically and continuously to the strength, power, the speed output and the need of the person using it. It combines the best of Isotonic, Iso-kinetic and Isometric exercises.

       In hydraulic machines the resistance varies depending upon the speed and the force applied, i.e. Higher the speed at which the force is applied, higher the resistance will be and lower the speed at which the force applied, lower will be the resistance. In no case it can over strain the muscle groups unless a person tries himself by applying more force than his capacity.

       A person can start doing his workout from any position and leave anywhere even in the mid-way, very safely without any fear of accident because nothing will or can come crashing down on him/her.It is mainly designed for fitness. These machines are not for bodybuilding but they can be used for bodybuilding.These machines give aerobic benefits.

       Hydraulic based equipments increases fitness level and improves body-shape by fast and repeated workout.Circuit training i.e. set of repeated series of exercises, is very easily attained in these machines.It provide maximum conditioning in minimum space and time with maximum safety.There is no sound generated when a person does his daily workout on these machines.

       They are portable and freestanding as they does not need any foundation/fixing to the floor/walls and can be moved anywhere at any time.These machines uses, no chains, no cams, no cranks, no water buckets and gravity acting weights, which can make people hurt them while exercising.It can be placed directly on the floor. Thus one can keep the workout place more Hygienic by avoiding carpet or rubber flooring.

       You can have marble or granite flooring which is easier to clean and is more hygienic.These machines do not need a supporter/instructor on every time workout, as these machines keep on adjusting automatically and continuously to the need and capacity of a person every time he uses.It is essential to do workout with one side positive and one side negative for proper muscle development.

       These machines improve Aerobic endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, cardio-vascular conditioning and stamina. The user gains maximum flexibility, as there is no chance of stiffness in the muscles and minimizes the risk of building very stiff body.Due to busy schedule, if you stop workout on Hydraulic based equipments there is no chance that your muscles will hang and leave the bones.

       These machines need hardly any maintenance.These machines are the best for rehabilitation as they help in the quicker/faster recovery of a person from illness and attain back his fitness level.

Weight Based Equipments

       Weight based equipments are obsolete and out dated. These equipments are directly related to gravitational force.They are risky, dangerous, unsafe, prone to injuries or accidents and different health ailments/ problems.Only Iso-kinetic benefits are attained in Weight based equipments.

       In case of conventional weight based machines, the person doing workout gets tired after sometime. He is forced to lift the same weight, with which he started. Eg. Suppose he starts his workout by lifting 50 kgs weight. After 2-3 minutes he will get tired, then either he will have to take rest in between for 5-6 minutes for next set of workout or he will have to reduce the weight, say from 50 to 49-48-47-46-45-44-43-42 and so on which is not practical in case of weight based machines.

       A person has to start his workout from a fixed starting position and leave at a fixed leaving position.These machines are basically designed for bodybuilding and not for fitness.Aerobic benefits and Circuit training are not possible in these equipments.These machines occupy lot of space and workout time is 4 times higher than Hydraulic equipments.

       They generate lot of sound disturbing other people/ members, when a person does his workout.They require foundation i.e. fixing to the floor, for a person to start his workout.These machines uses, chains, pulleys and weights for workout.In case of Weight based equipments, a carpet or rubber flooring is a must to avoid damage to the floor because there is fear of weights falling on the floor and to get rid of the Bang-Bang sound while doing workout.

       Carpet flooring is not hygienic and rubber is prone to allergies.A full time instructor/ supervisor is required for ladies and gents separately in case of these machines.The consequence of exercising on weight-based equipment is, development of very thick muscles and stiff body resulting in sprain very often.

       If you stop workout on weight-based equipments, your muscles will start hanging and will leave the bones in the later age. The result can be seen from the body builders who have stopped their daily workout.These machines need regular maintenance and servicing.Not good for rehabilitation. (If used, it should be used under supervision of qualified person).

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