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  • Friday, September 28, 2007

    Living Smart Try circuit training for a change

    Circuit training is a kind of interval exercise, but it give you the advantage of both an aerobic and a strength-training exercises by combine the two.

    The name circuit refers to a series of training or station that are perform one after another with tiny or no take a break in between.

    The duration of time doing each exercise, the number of stations and the number of circuits perform during a exercises depends on the teaching level and the teaching objective.

    Circuit teaching is a good method to exploit your exercise moment and it is entirely flexible. A circuit could make use of exercise apparatus, hydraulic equipment, hand-held weights, stretch resistance band, body weight movements, calisthenics or any arrangement.

    Although a circuit does not need equipment, this approach can be use in a fitness center.

    Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    Talking fitness in Tate

    Fitness instructor Arthur Avant conduct a meeting at September's Project T.A.T.E. nighttime at Senatobia Elementary teach. Avant told students and parents that they did not contain to buy expensive exercise equipment to get in figure. Among his suggestion were using canned goods as weights and curtain rods in weight elating exercises. After his talk, he treat participant to a freestyle "Drug Free" knock.

    Monday, September 17, 2007

    Smooth Fitness Introduces Category-Buster in Home Fitness Trainers

    King of Prussia, PA September 17, 2007 -- Smooth Fitness, the world's largest online merchant of home fitness equipment, today announce the start of its innovatory Agile DMT, creating a entirely new category in the fitness bazaar that goes beyond normal elliptical machines.

    The Agile DMT is the most superior home fitness trainer ever developed, give users the advantage of two machines in one by feature a standard oval form and an advanced "Agile" form. With the simple drive of a button, the appliance switch to a patented contra-lateral action which target several key muscle groups and burn more calories than a standard oval.

    "We are energized to launch an totally new class of fitness equipment - Agile preparation," said Joe Alter, President and CEO of Smooth robustness. "The Agile DMT's sole motion strengthens and tones muscle all through the entire body during an strong cardio workout, yet it still minimize joint stress like usual ellipticals."

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