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  • Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Finding the right exercise machine for you

    If you choose buying your own exercise equipment for your family to visit a fitness Center, check out the most accepted possibilities.

    Elliptical machines are rising trendier for home fitness users as they recognize the no-impact effectiveness of the machines. They are designed as a weight-bearing machine, significance the user stands, but does not tolerate the impact on the joints as one would on a treadmill.

    Plus, there's the perk of flaming more calories, said Jason Lohr, manager of Push Pedal Pull, 5820 N May Ave. "(Users) burn 30 to 40% more calories than on a treadmill,” Lohr said.

    Elliptical as well work muscles in the upper body, somewhat a treadmill does not do. So, it's a "more capable type of exercise,” said Jared Dinkins, sales representative for Lifestyle Fitness Equipment, 3209 S Broadway in Edmond.

    Tuesday, August 5, 2008

    Health, fitness survey intended in Quesnel

    A telephone survey will be manner to review the health and fitness of residents in Quesnel. The survey, to be executed from Aug. 6 to 22, will try to find answers on physical activity throughout the previous week, together recreation and work related.

    The work is being carry out on behalf of the town's Active Communities committee, part of a provincial government proposal to raise the physical activity rates of British Columbians by 20 per cent by the year 2010. A parallel survey conducted in Prince George last year establish that about 60 per cent of those surveyed walk as a type of physical activity whereas 26 per cent do vigorous activity approximating in a gym and 29 per cent do moderate exercise such as golf or tennis. But it also specifies that more than 25 per cent of Prince George residents consume unhealthily seven days a week.

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