Cable Crossover is a free standing machine, it is having plate loaded unit that includes fully adjustable pull up handles. In the four corners, cable station is there for top and low cable functions. Cable Crossover is having heavy strength to handle the heaviest of uses. It is resistant with triangular gussets in the top corners and a diamond plated floor brace to keep the uprights square.

      Cable Crossover is used to achieve total body conditioning. The reliable design lets you exercise virtually every major muscle group in your body. Strong structure of the extra wide and tall mainframe offers you with easy access to a continuous array of high and low pulley exercises.

      Your exercises choice become limitless when you spend in one of the most adaptable and functional equipment manufactured today. The professional carriage system uses patented nylon bushing technology and eight sealed ball bearing, high resin pulleys. Top and bottom pulleys rotate smoothly and fully with over 180° of movement for frictionless guidance in all directions.

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