Chitosan Upon oral ingestion, chitosan binds to the intestinal lining, where it tightly binds dietary fats and lipids before they are absorbed in the body. As a result, the dietary fat is prevented from entering into thebloodstream. When dietary fat is bound to the chitosan fiber, it becomes a large mass, which cannot be absorbed in the body.

      Chitosan fibers differ in their structure from other fibers in that chitosan possesses a net positive charge. This positive charge attracts negative charges on the fats, lipids and bile acids. Since chitosan fiber is not metabolized, it is cleared from the body along with the fat in the fecal material.

      Published reports have shown that chitosan works in concert with vitamin C.It has been suggested that the action of chitosan may be enhanced by as small an amount of vitamin C as 10 mg. Used alone, ingestion of 500 mg chitosan before a meal rich in fat helps reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol.

       The bad cholesterol is bound to bile acids secreted by the liver into the intestine, where its re-absorption is prevented by chitosan fibers.This dietary fiber is an indispensable adjunct to a balanced weight management program. Fibers also play an important role in cleansing the gastrointestinal tract, which stimulates the digestive processes and promotes intestinal health.


Is There Any Allergic Reaction to Chitosan?

This product should avoided by people who are allergic to shellfish.

Under What Condition(s) is the Use of Chitosan is Not Recommended?

Chitosan is for adult consumption only, and should not be used by pregnant or nursing women.

Does Chitosan Interfere with the Action of Vitamins?

Being a dietary fiber with numerous beneficial effects, including intestinal health, chitosan should not interfere with the action of other wholesome remedies. In fact, chitosan works more efficiently even with small amounts with vitamin C.

How and When Should Chitosan be Taken?

Chitosan works best if taken roughly 30 minutes before a meal. It should be taken with generous amounts of nutritious fluids.

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