Cross Training

      Cross training has a number of meanings. It may refer to the combining of exercises to work a variety of parts of the body. In martial arts and, in particular, mixed martial arts, it also means being qualified in multiple systems or styles of combat.

      Often one particular activity or sport tones and exercises definite parts of the body, but not others. Cross-training aims to eliminate this — jogging, for example, is excellent for endurance, weight loss, flexibility and prolonged use of huge muscle groups(such as those in the legs). A jogger may lift weights in sort to build muscle and increase upper body strength, things that running cannot provide.

Benefits of Cross training

Improved leanness

      Cross training can help to burn more calories per week. For example, runners who maintain their usual workouts and adding extra cycling workout can help to reduce fat, without increasing the normal food intakes. Runners could simply run 30 minutes more per week, but heightened running mileage often leads to injuries, whereas time spent on the bike is seldom damaging.

      The vanished corpulence that comes from the 30 minutes on a two-wheeler can make a big performance difference. For example, a female runner who trims her percent body fat from about 17.5 per cent to around 16 per cent can carve approximately one minute from her 5-K race time, without making, any other physiological improvements at all.

Increased workout intensity

      A runner who is already completing two harsh running workouts per week can not often cavalierly add an extra red-hot running session without increasing the risk of overtraining or getting injured. Increase in intensity can do two main things. It can make heart a bigger, stronger pump, and it can hoist blood volume.

      A well-trained runner has about 15-per cent more blood than the inactive man on the street corner. This extra blood produces performance bonuses, because it allows the heart to send more blood to the leg muscles during exercise and more blood to the skin for cooling.

Increased strength

      Generally one form of cross resistance training adds strength to the leg muscles. As a result, fewer muscle cells need to be activated by usual workouts. This saves energy and act as a key indicator for running.



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