Dumbbells are considered as a type of free weight and it is mostly used in weight training. The word Dumbbell is originated in Tudor England. It is in pairs of two and it is held in one hand. In the past days, ancestor of the dumbbell was used in India with the club shaped, so it is called as Indian club. Dumbbells are mostly used by bodybuilders, sport players, wrestlers and others wishing to increase strength and muscle size.

      During 16th century, the device which is used for ringing church bells was widely known for their impact on increasing muscle size. At that time, rich young men installing similar device in their home, which consist of a pulley with a biased rope. The user pulled as like ringing a church bell but at the end of the pulling ropes there are no actual bells and they were silent so it is named as Bumbells. The pulley and biased rope fell out of fashion, leaving just the weight.


In the early days, it was appeared as two equal weights attached handle. Now days it is off two types.

Adjustable dumbbells

      It looks like small barbells and it consist of 14 inch long steel bars having one inch in diameter. To get a good grip, center part is carved with a crosshatch pattern. To obtain a desired weight, 1 to 40 kg plates are slid onto the outer portion of the dumbbell. These weights are secured with clips. Outer portion of a spinlock dumbbell is threaded, and the collars are large nuts that screw on and secure the plates through friction.

Fixed weight dumbbells

      This type is created in a dumbbell shape. It is in two versions. Cast iron coated with rubber for safety is expensive version. A cheaper version consists of a rigid plastic shell that is filled with concrete.

      Dumbbells can be used in all types of resistance weight training but the popular dumbbell exercises remain the Bench press and the Biceps curl. Without wearing cloves causes calluses on the palm of the hand while using adjustable dumbbell. They are not harmful to weight training, but most users dislike them and hence the use of weight training gloves.

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