Details of Inverted Row :

Primary Muscle Is : Back
Secondary Muscles : Biceps
Equipment Used : Bodyweight
Mechanics : Compound


The Instructions for the exercise Inverted Row is follows : For building depth in your upper back, this is a good exercise. Grasp a flat bench and place it lengthwise in front of the smith machine. Adjust the height of the smith machine bar so that it is around 4 feet away from the floor. Position yourself with your heels on the bench and your hands holding the smith machine bar which should be slightly wider than shoulder width grip. Straighten your body out. This is the starting position of the exercise. Keep your body straight and pull your upper body up to the bar. Pause and then slowly lower yourself back to the starting position of the exercise.


The Tips for the exercise Inverted Row is follows : Position yourself, so that when you pull up the bar, it touches your middle chest and the bar should not be higher or lower than that. Keep your body straight; do not let your middle section sink in the middle. To make this exercise difficult, add some weight plates on top of your body.

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