Physical therapy

      Physical therapy (also known as physiotherapy) is a health vocation concerned with the assessment, diagnosis, and action of disease and disability through physical means. It is based upon principles of medical science, and is generally held to be within the sphere of conservative (rather than alternative) medicine. Physiotherapy is practiced by physiotherapists (also known as physical therapists, e.g. in the United States), though aspect may also be practiced under supervised delegation by physiotherapy assistant or other health professionals.

Scope of practice

       Physiotherapists' scope of practice varies considerably across the world, together in terms of the degree of professional autonomy enjoyed and the range of conditions managed.

      Physiotherapists in some jurisdictions, such as the Australian states, enjoy professional autonomy, with the ability to act as primary care providers and to determine — and be responsible for — a patient's management plan. Conversely, physiotherapists in some other jurisdictions work upon referral from, and largely under the direction of, other professionals (typically medical practitioners).

      The major conditions manage by physiotherapists can be broadly grouped into three categories: musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary and neurological. Many areas of physiotherapy, e.g. rehabilitation or pediatrics, cross all three areas. Depending on the local healthcare system, physiotherapists may be concerned in all areas, or may only manage certain aspects (e.g. in some United States jurisdictions, respiratory therapists manage many aspects of cardiopulmonary therapy).

      Depending on the arrangement of the local healthcare system, physiotherapists may function either privately (e.g. in a private clinic) or publicly (e.g. in a hospital or community setting). Furthermore, physiotherapists may work as generalists managing a wide range of conditions, or may specialize in certain fields. The process of determining career structure and specialization varies geographically.

Types of Phsicaltherapy

 History of physiotherapy
 Musculoskeletal physiotherapy
 Neurological physiotherapy
 Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy

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