Sexercises are exercises done through foreplay and/or sex to tone, build, and strengthen muscles.Sexercises are frequently performed as part of a Sex Diet.Sexercises series from Kegel exercise to aerobic and cardiovascular routines. It is important that sexercises are done correctly so that no partner experiences injury.

      Sexercises may be fun and have its reward of relieving stress; however it may also be very overwhelming and exhausting. Here are some instructions to help with the issue of fatigue: 1) Taking a break while in the act may just be what both followers need in order to make the session long lasting. 2) Incorporating food into the act will supply extra energy (calories) for all participants.

Erotic dance aerobics

      Erotic movements of dance exercise resultant from exotic dance with stylized, controlled, soft, curvy, fluid and flowing motions that encourages feminine self-expression. A new erotic dance aerobics intended by Leda Lim of Newport Beach, California for women only with a special program that combines physical and psychological reimbursement. The ultra feminine movements lead to body awareness and within the boy-free dance studio environment, it allows women to have a safe channel to put across and celebrate their own unique beauty leading to their very personal feminine empowerment.

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