Weight Lifting Work Chart

   My workout is simple and easy "lift heavy, do not lift long, and get plenty of rest." First of all I train 1 body part a week. Why not 3 times a week like all the guys in the *** magazines? Well, this is simple, all the guys in the *** magazine take steroids. There is not one pro-body builder who does not take them. This is the truth period. If you believe that *** is telling the truth that all of his body builders are natural or at least a few of them; then answer me this one question- If you are right then why dont we see everyone in the gym walking around with 20 inch arms and 60 inch chests? You cannot look me in the eye with a straight face and tell me that "they train for 8 hours a day and they have rich parents who buy them all the *** products and they also get to eat and sleep all day."

       For those of you that believe that bullshit kill your self and save me the trouble. Now I know you are about to mention drug tests. Well lets see here, *** runs all of the pro shows, he also sponsors them, do you think for one minute now that *** is going to bust his own body builders? Why would anyone want advice from someone who cant make it as a body builder naturally? Obviously they did not know how to train right and resorted to steroids. Also what would happen to the magazine sales if you did not have a huge guy on the front cover? Do you really think *** is going to bust someone of his, that has been swearing all this time that they got all of their size from listening to *** and buying his shitty products. Besides, there are all sorts of ways to beat drug tests; anything from taking 4 aspirin to drinking vinegar.

      Yes, there are also guides and products on the market to help you beat them (Goldenseal). I do not care if you do not believe me when I say "it takes no talent to get big while on steroids." If you are on the juice any bullshit workout will do. I would suggest to anyone to not read any of those stupid workout magazines. But why? How many ways can *** show you how to curl a damn bar? Almost every month I see the "Get huge arms in 6 weeks" thing on the cover and it is always the same workout. The best part is that one week *** says to go heavy then the next light then squeeze. These magazine writers are just getting worn out. Just think, they have to come up with a totally new workout every couple of months. The best part of that is that the more complicated the workout, the more they can print, and the more they can sell.

      Enough about ***, now my workout is really short and simple. Since I am a natural bodybuilder not a used-to-roid-up-now-natural-bodybuilder, I work my whole body once a week. This gives my body time to repair its self. You might read in a magazine that states that you should workout the whole body 3 times or more. This might be true if you are taking serious drugs. You see, all steroids do for a bodybuilder is to help the body repair itself, thats it. So do you think that an individual that is not on anything can do a workout like someone who is taking drugs? In some rare cases like genetic freaks, they can workout the entire body more frequently. But for me, once a week works great. I always get asked this question: "now if you work out once a week dont you get sore and lose strength ?". Well, as I said earlier I have been getting stronger and I have not had any increased muscle pain. Below is my workout:

***Before you do anything please stretch out and get warmed up.***


Day 1

5 sets of squats 10-8-8-6-4 or light 15-20 reps for 5 sets (I just saw on the net that someone wrote "Butt to bench Squats". DO NOT DO "butt to bench squats". Lets say that you have 315 lbs on the bar and you squat down and you butt touches the bench. No what is between the weight and bench? Your SPINE? That is a great way to injure yourself. That my boy, is why man created the mirror and workout partner.

4 sets leg press 10-8-6-4 (Optional)

3 sets leg extension 10-8-8 (I have learned that if you relax your legs below the knee while you perform this exercise it makes this movement work much better.)

3 sets leg curls 10-8-8(I have learned that if you do not tighten up your calves and lower legs during this execise it make it work better.)

3 sets Heavy deadlifts 10-8-6 or 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps.

I have been doing a new leg workout. My left knee has been giving me some problems when I perform leg curls and leg extensions. So, I took them out of my workout for the time being. I have been very suprised to find out that on my squats, I am much stronger now (I added 50 lbs to my squat in 2 months). All I have been doing is the squats and deadlifts. Less seems to be better. My knee feels much better now.

SQUATS are a must. If you do not SQUAT you will look like a dork!!! When you workout hard on your legs your body releases more testosterone. The more testosterone the more you will grow. You have to be a complete dumb ass not to work out your legs. There is no better exercise for legs than the squat!!!

Day 2


      5 sets of flat bench press 10-8-8-6-4 (Here is how to perform a proper bench press. First of all keep your butt on the bench. Then select a proper grip (Put your hands in the center of the bar and slide them out until your forearms are parallel to the wall. Your grip should resemble a football goal. I have seen a lot of people put their hand to close in and all they are doing is close grip tricep presses. If you have a close grip now. It may take a while for you to adjust, but in the long run it will benefit you.). Now make footing is very important. Make sure your feet are on the ground (this helps to put more balance and power into your lift).

       When you lift the bar off the rack you should tuck your chin into your neck. When you lift the bar make sure you lift up towards your head at an incline (this gives you the maximum power. I was taught that by a power lifting coach. It works very well and I would keep that a secret if I was you. Also if you are going for your max you should adjust your normal grip to a slightly closer grip. About 1/2 an inch in. Here is a very important thing I want you to remember, never let some one who you do not trust 100% to spot you!!!! I was about to bench 405 for the second time. So just to be sure that if I screwed up, I had 3 spotters.

      The guy in the middle (Travis) a very knowledgeable bodybuilder who I trust 110% was the main spotter. The other two were there just there in case something went wrong. I totally breifed the other spotters to not touch the bar unless Travis said. Well on the way down one of the stupid idiots on the side held the bar. Guess what happened next, the bar came down crooked and it came up equally crooked. I believe I tore one of my pecs, due to this fucking idiot's stupidity. I could have repped it out for 4 or more but, due to this idiot, I had to end my workout, due to a pec injury. lesson learned never let anyone spot you unless you trust them 100%. I was ready to put the slap down on that mother fucker and so was Travis!

      4 sets incline press 10-8-8-6 (Keep your butt on the bench. If you raise your butt off the bench you are doing flat bench presses)

      3 sets flyes 10-15 (this is to stretch the chest.)

      Here is a chest exercise that I sometimes use: Cable presses= get to your cable cross over machine and adjust the cable handles so that they are at the highest point on the machine. Then grab both handles so that one is in each hand. Then bend over at the waist and get into a benching position. Then exercise like you are doing bench presses. Bring the handles in so that the handles touch (like doing flyes)Remember go heavy on the bench. How heavy ? Till you got to have someone help you do 4 reps.

Day 3 = Day off

Day 4


      5 sets shoulder press 10-8-8-6-4 alternate front & back (make sure that your back is straight not at an incline. Remember you are doing shoulder presses not incline bench presses. To avoid inproper form I usually use the smith machine for this exercise. The shoulder press at my gym really sucks. I like the smith machine, because I can get a bench that I can place at a slight recline to keep my back straight. Some times I do this exercise standing up (standing shoulder press)

      3 sets dumdbell press 10-10-8 (regular , Arnold) O.K.

      3 sets lateral raises 12-12-12 (DO NOT SWING THE WEIGHT UP) a lot of people love to swing the 30 pound weights up because they want to work their lower back and legs. If you cannot raise the weight to your side with out swinging it up and then be able to hold it raised up for 5 seconds, then it is to heavy. I learned this next tip from a guy who benches over 600 lbs. When he does these, he does one arm at a time. I tried it his way and I like it!!!

      3-5 sets Heavy Shrugs (at the top of each movement I like to add a shrug. Why not? For the traps I highly recommend this exercise. I cannot however recommend up right rows. This is such an un natural movement. This puts to much stress on the the joints and biceps and not enough on the traps.

Day 5


      5 sets Triceps push downs 10-8-8-6-4 (Elbows tucked in. If you find that your elbows become sore after doing this exercise you should try doing what my physical therapist recommends. Adjust your thumbs so they are going over the bar just like your fingers. This helps big time for me!!!)

      4 sets skull crushers 10-8-8-6

      3 sets one arm triceps extensions 10-10-10 (make sure you go slow on the negative or you will stress your elbows. A lot of people do not ever do this exercise. I love to show off with this exercise as I use 50 lbs or more for reps. Always Pyramid the weight slowly to avoid hurting your tendons.)

      3 sets behind the back wrist curls 10-10-10 (I was taught this exercise by a professional arm wrestler who won the Florida championship. To do this exercise you need to use a weight bench and a straight bar. Put about 5 pounds on the bar to start. Then back up to the bar, so that the bar is behind you. Then Grab the bar as if you were going to curl it behind you. Then keep your back and arms straight and use your wrists to curl the bar. If you do this exercise correctly you will get a pump so big that you will feel like Popeye. The best part of this exercise is that you can train your forearms real heavy without hurting your wrists.)

      Here's a tricep exercise that I did once and loved, but you need a work out partner to do it. Get a towel. Then lay down on your stomach. Then grab the towel. Then get your partner to sit on your back and pull the towel as you do tricep extentions. This works very well.

      Here's another that I like to do. If your gym has a pull over machine, face the back of the machine. Then Locate the bar that you hold on to when doing pull overs. Then do sort of a skull crusher movement with the bar. This works very very good.

Day 6


      5 sets weighted pull ups 10-10-10-10-10 (dont rock back and forth) as soon as you can do all 5 sets of ten then add weight. As far as me doing pull ups this is what I have been doing currently 10,10,10,7,5. Since I weight 260 now I can't add weight anymore. If pull ups are a problem for you I suggest that you do the following. Before you do anything in the gym. Do one set of pull ups to failure. Do this every day until you get where you want to be. If you can't even do one pull up. Do one set of machine pull downs inplace of pull ups. When I was in High School that is what I did. And I got real good results. Don't give up on them. Just look at any gymnasts back. Notice how huge their back is. Their main exercise is pull ups!

       Besides pull ups will help build huge arms too. I like to use wrist straps when I do my pull ups that way I only concentrate on my back. Not my grip (I work my grip out on dead lifts and everything else.). I have a lot of respect for HIT training, so I decided to try doing their way of doing pull ups. The way that they do them is slightly different. I tryed it there way and my back cramped up!!! All you do is go to failure while performing 3 sets. But you do 10 seconds up 20 seconds down. Some people might have to use the Lat machine, hell I had to after the first set! The muscles were not burning from the lactic acid, but from being worked.

       HIT is O.K. with me!!! HIT means High Intensity Training, there are many sites on the web that cover HIT training. Please search around and check them out! ***Well now I have been training my back with the HIT workout for 2 weeks (12 Sept 97). I have noticed a serious strength and endurance gain!!! I am going to keep with it and let you know how I am doing in 2 more weeks. So far I believe that the reason you go slower is so that you can stress your fast twitch muscle fibers more effectively. HIT is a good thing!!! If you look at my photo at the top of the page. You can see that even in a double biceps pose. My lats still come out and say "Hi,look at me!". I believe that pull ups have given me an edge.

      5 sets bent over rows or row machine10-8-8-6-4 (WATCH YOUR BACK on this one!!! If I had a dollar for everytime I put 200 plus pounds on this exercise and hurt my back, I would be a rich man. I once saw this guy doing 315 with this exercise. Well he though he was doing this exercise. It looked more like he was doing shoulder shrugs. Oh yeah he impressed me all right, sure. I bet he could not figure out why I used only half the weight he was using on that exercise and then I would bench press twice what he was doing.

      3 sets one arm dumbbell rows 10-8-8 (you can also double the weight and use two hands to do this exercise)

      One of my favorite back exercises is the front lateral pull down. To do this get in front of the lat pull down machine. Then grab the bar at a shoulder's length grip. Then pull down with your arms locked out. Then pull down from the top of the machine all the way to your waist. Almost like you are doing tricep pull downs, but your arms are straight. This works very well for stretching the lats.

Day 7


      5 sets barbell curl 10-8-8-8-6 (dont swing the weight up or move your elbows) I do not recommend cheat curls. I used to do them. That is until I throw my back out doing them. I used to cheat curl 135 lbs for 30 reps. Sounds impressive huh? Well it doesn't to me anymore. I only do strict curls. And only strict curls impress me. I don't care if someone can cheat curl 315 lbs. I am still unimpressed.

       I can now curl 135 lbs for 15 strict form curls (with form just like I am curling 65 lbs). If you cheat all the time you can never keep good track of how strong you are getting. Some days you'll swing it up alot and some days you might swing it less. Some day you might throw out your back!!! Like I did. And when I did I looked real strong walking around like the Hunch Back.

      3 sets incline curl 10-8-8 (sometimes I will do 5 sets of this) When you do them start with both arms curling at the same time. Then when you start to get tired then alternate the curls.

      3 sets preacher curl 10-10-8 (remember to squeeze through the whole motion. I see a lot of guys in the guy do this exercise wrong. To do this exercise correctly make sure that you lower the bar all the way down until your elbows lock. If you do not lower the bar all the way down you are defeating the purpose of this exercise. Here is a trick I do with this exercise to give it all it's got to offer. On your last reps when you feel that if you go all the way down and you feel that you can not get it back up again. Go only half the way down. Then when you feel that you cannot return the bar from the half way position. Go a quarter of the way down and so on. This really works great for working the upper range of the movement.)

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